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Harmony, enveloping design and unparalleled comfort characterize all Natuzzi Italia sofas.
Upholstered in leather or fabric, each model is handcrafted in Italy.


A square, contemporary design conceals exceptional comfort.

Modularity and extremely versatile coverings distinguish this model.


Avana is a Natuzzi Italia bestseller. Its beauty and functionality make it one of our most popular models. 

A sofa that becomes the star of every living room and space.

With its stylish design, soft shapes and adjustable headrests, the Borghese sofa provides the ultimate comfort experience.

Brick 1

A highly comfortable classic, which offers remarkably versatile configurations and coverings.


A musical inspiration brings out liveliness and extreme versatility.

Metropolitan contemporaneity enters the living room, enhancing its value and elegance.

A sofa bed characterized by a compact, square design, perfect for urban spaces.

An emblem of the most sophisticated design,designed by Manzoni & Tapinassi.


Diesis is a compact sofa, ideal even for small-size apartments. Its main features include stylish details, such as piping that sets off the armrests' profile, and thin wooden feet. 

A sofa defined by its great modularity, which perfectly expresses itself in the most structured compositions. 

Don Giovanni

Designed by Italian architect Claudio Bellini, Don Giovanni features deep ample seats that convey an impression of comfort at first glance. 


Designed by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, Dorian is an impressive and aesthetically pleasing sofa with generous proportions and curved shapes. 

Duca is an impressive, accurately crafted sofa, whose superior comfort is apparent at first glance. 

Ergo 5

A sofa with a casual design and technological character with many features

Comfort and compactness are combined with an essential, contemporary design, enhanced by high-quality materials and workmanship.

This elegant addition to the living area is suitable for rooms in every size and style. 

Designed by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, the Fidelio sofa has a sophisticated structure with optional high-tech relax systems, armrests enriched with "pinched" stitching and enclosed by a metal structure that enhances the design.

A design with a classic style, interpreted with a modern twist. 


This linear model, which is slimmed by its triangular metal feet, offers astoundingly versatile comfort.


Created by Italian architect Claudio Bellini.

An authentic galaxy of comfort, design and innovation. 


Designed by Italian architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, this sofa stands out for its distinctive wooden base, expertly embellished with metal details. 

Golf 19

A compact sofa with metal feet that give it an airy, elegant look. Ideal for small-size urban environments.


Designed by architects Manzoni & Tapinassi, the Herman sofa is a harmonious, comprehensive and highly modular seating system. 


A theatrical name for a sofa with considerable visual impact. 


The Ido sofa by Mauro Lipparini is a harmonious combination of modernity and stylish design. 


A play of intersections between armrests and base, square lines and exceptional comfort given by a combination of polyurethane, Memory Foam and down used for the padding. 

A perfect combination of modularity, craftsmanship and refined design, signed by Manzoni & Tapinassi. Kendo brings its refined personality to every living area, enhanced by precious details and exceptional comfort.

The precious capitonné workmanship distinguishes an emblem of design and high craftsmanship.

La Scala

A modern interpretation of a classic Chester sofa, La Scala is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, featuring lines that run all around its perimeter enclosing the tufting detail and the softness of the cushions. 


An essential, light design for an extraordinarily comfortable sofa. 

Long Beach

The Long Beach sofa by architect Claudio Bellini is soft and cozy looking.

Melpot is an extremely modular and versatile furnishing system for the living area, consisting of seating elements, poufs, bookcases and shelves.

A compact, ‘70s-inspired design. Unique comfort, guaranteed by the high backrest, integrated lumbar support and generous seat. Edge trim and fine artisan details. The Mentore sofa is designed to add character to every living area, perfectly expressing the quality and innovation of Natuzzi Italia.

Compactness, style and elegance are combined in a vintage-effect sofa that is ideal for urban and metropolitan spaces.


Thanks to its compact size, the Notturno sofa easily adjusts to different space-related needs, such as those of small apartments, study rooms and holiday homes. 

A name and a sofa inspired by a classic Italian tradition.

A sofa with great personality and a sophisticated, contemporary design.

A contemporary interpretation of the classic Chesterfield, designed by Manzoni & Tapinassi.

The features that give a unique style to the modern, elegant design of the Philo sofa are accurate quilting and the shape of its metal feet.

An authentic relaxation hub, ready to welcome and enhance every moment of the day.

Excellent Italian craftsmanship, Triple Motion functions and high visual and seating comfort characterize this sofa.


Preludio is a sofa made with modern and exclusive homes in mind. 


Designed for small spaces, Quadro is an excellent compromise between aesthetics and versatility. 

A modern, light design with an original style: Releve offers extraordinary relaxation and brings a touch of personality and elegance to every living area.


Minimalist design; slightly curved shape of the open base, seat and backrest; lumbar support and adjustable armrests with decorative stitching are the key features of Respiro sofa. Its harmonious design brings a sense of exceptional well-being to any environment.

A marvel of comfort and technology that combines “triple-motion” functions and an enveloping design.

Saturday 1

A captivating design and unique compactness bring personality and elegance even to urban spaces.

A modern classic, characterized by an elegant, welcoming design.

A simple, versatile sofa designed by Enrique Marti, ideal for any space and furnishing style.

Surround combines high-tech features and extreme comfort. Designed in a contemporary style, it is especially dedicated to music lovers as it includes an audio kit that can be optionally integrated into the sofa.


Clean, squared lines are the key feature of the Svevo sofa, a stunning design by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi. 


Designed by Italian architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, the Tempo sofa features a timeless, sophisticated design. 


The sophisticated design of the Tenore sofa features ultra-thin armrests, "moccasin" stitching and special satin nickel feet. 


With its elegant design and compact size, the Tratto sofa is the best solution for urban spaces. 

With its compact size and high versatility, Volo is the ideal solution for any environment.


An archetype of timeless elegance and comfort, designed by Manzoni & Tapinassi.

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