The Alberobello skyline, a typical town of Puglia, characterised by trulli, conical dry stone wall constructions. A veritable sculptural object when piled up, five different-shaped elements with different functionalities: from box to candle holder and paperweight.


Carved using water machines and hand finished in Trani stone, a limestone rock originating from the sedimentation of layers, havana beige in colour with irregular veining of different intensity which makes them so unique.



The object consists of 5 modular forms which combine to form a single object. Total height 50 cm.

Marcel Wanders studio designer

Marcel Wanders studio is a leading product and interior design studio located in the creative capital of Amsterdam. The studio has over 1,900 + iconic product and interior design experiences all around the globe for private clients and premium brands. Under Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave’s creative leadership and direction, Marcel Wanders studio employs 52 design and communication experts. Regarded by many as an anomaly in the design world, Marcel Wanders studio has made its mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.”

Marcel Wanders studio
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