Profile of woman with orchid

A woman’s profile stands out against a deep brown background that contrasts with the delicate, rosy colour of her porcelain complexion. A beautiful and rare wild orchid is shown in the foreground in all its extraordinary fragility. Green beams of light cut through the scene, balancing and harmonizing every detail, every form that makes up the work. A woman and a flower, united in striking, splendid poetry.


72cm x 72cm H 6,2cm



Gino Donvito designer

Gino Donvito lives and works in Gioia del Colle, immersed in the natural spirituality of the Murgia plateau near Bari. After training himself in painting in Florence and Paris in the 1970s, he decided to return to his native land, Puglia, the muse and driving force of his creativity since the beginning. The artist signs his creations with an olive branch, adding a message of peace to each of his works, which is also a tangible sign of his extraordinary love for Apulia.

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